Sunday, April 18, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - April 18, 2010

Written by pikaby

Welcome to another edition of the weekly Flipnote Feature! Which ones will I be featuring today?

Today's flipnote is the one shown above, called ABC's with This Guy, created by none other than the creator of  'This Guy'(which is basically an adorable, simple character to draw in flipnotes, same role as Ugomaru only in the US), known as Jessica.

The flipnote involves This Guy and his three friends singing along to the ABC Song, and it's childish, cute, and charming all in one. The version of the ABC song used is actually the one from Taiko Drum Master, which is an excellent choice. Wouldn't have the same charm if it was the Barney sing-along version. Very positive feedback for the ABC flipnote, with over 130,000 stars, 49 of which are green

To view the flipnote on your computer, this is the link:

DSi users, here is the command: Right A left A left R up left A L

One more flipnote for this week.

'Oh geez, ANOTHER stick man flipnote?!'

Hey, don't knock them, it's the easiest kind of flipnotes to make complex animations of, and some of them are genuinely good. This one isn't a stickman fight though...Roy16's been importing Japanese stickman comedy scenarios to the US for your downloading convenience, and getting quite a lot of attention from them. Using music from Mario Galaxy 2 for flips like these = win.

Two stickman guards. One falls asleep, the other pokes him to wake him up. He falls asleep himself and gets an even harder poke, which hurts. Determined to get back at each other, every time one of the stickmen fall asleep the hurtage increases until.....Well, watch for yourself. It's lol-tastic.

PC viewers use this link to see the flipnote:

And DSi users use this command: Right up up X down left B up down B

This isn't the last of its kind. Check out Roy's channel for more similar stickmen comedies.

Next week: More sensational flips! I've already got two planned for the feature, and they're really, really good. Look forward to them!

See you all on the next frame!
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