Friday, April 23, 2010

Flipnote Hatena: New Creator's Room themes

Written by pikaby

Image from Flipnote Hatena

Logged in to Flipnote Hatena these few days(on DSi, not on the PC)? You've probably noticed a few avid flipnote makers' Creator's Room have been spiced up with unique, beautiful looking themes. It's a new feature created by the Hatena team, and finally you have a reason to collect Color Stars for your hard worked on flipnotes.

Starting April 22nd, users from all six regions of Flipnote Hatena will be able to trade in their green, red, blue, or purple stars in exchange for cool new graphics for their Creator's Room, which you can see when you're viewing the site on a DSi, iPhone or any other mobile device. Everything except a PC then.

Currently themes are priced at 10, 20 or 50 colored stars(they really aren't easy to get, trust me). And more are being made. Speaking of being made, the themes are actually only made by one person only. You can read about her at the link above. So far she's made 33 different themes.

Think this isn't a big deal? When you're in Flipnote Hatena and all you can use are basic colors for your backgrounds, it really makes a difference. It's like decorating your blog with your own designs, only you have to earn it. Some of them are actually quite cool. These were from the site:


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  1. I have 16 green stars 4 pink stars (or red) and 1 blue star it says i still can't get a 5 star or 10 star theme aah how do i get themes!?