Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Yet Another Trailer

Written by pikaby

Galaxy 2 is getting as many updates and nearly as much hype as when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was in the spotlight. this a good thing? Will knowing too much about the new stuff ruin our experience with the game?

Thankfully enough, I can say....maybe not. The more I saw of Brawl the less amazed I was, whereas seeing more of Galaxy 2 just makes me want to play it more. It's funny.

This time the trailer shows exactly how Cloud Mario would work, by spinning you create a cloud platform underneath you to step on, to get to those hard-to-reach places. Not necessarily going higher up, which places it as mutually exclusive to things like Bee Mario. Bee Mario would've accomplished the exact same thing too, mind. Wonder if the suit dissolves in water too. Or pour thunder and rain when it turns grey.

The other things that came were helping hands to P1. Co-op play gets some footage, and Baby Chico (that's the name of the little orange Luma, a.k.a Player 2) shows what he can do. Picking up coins, throwing bubbles at Mario when his awkward swimming controls pulls him away from breathing space, that kind of thing. Super Guides are back. Along with Galaxy 2's upped difficulty, more ways are devised to help the player it seems. Is Luigi in the game too? He'd better be.

And again, more thrilling moving videos of Mario careening through the warped galaxies and getting to stars, each time revealing something good, and yet not revealing too much, this is the kind of information-release pacing Brawl never had a chance to perfect. This hypes people up. May 23!
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