Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FlingSmash (WHY did I miss this game?!)

Written by pikaby

Finished Red Steel 2 and waiting for Zelda Wii? There's no reason to put away the MotionPlus just yet.

I admit, I haven't heard about this game in a while. The last time I saw it was for the 2008/2009 Wii lineup video Nintendo showed back at Tokyo Game Show '08, where it was known as Span Smasher. First impression I got - Wiiware. Cutesy the way I like it...yeah, cute is good. Then it just vanished because up until now I had no idea what the hell it was named. I've only learned that FlingSmash was shown at the Nintendo Media Summit thing alongside Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Other M and Warioware DIY, among other megaton hits. No wonder I didn't see it.

The Media summit gameplay video. Turn up the volume a bit to hear the game's sounds.

And? It's not Wiiware. That's a good start, because I can't get any Points. Even better? Utilizes the Wii Motion Plus to fling the rotund protagonist around the stage, smashing blocks and avoiding obstacles while getting to a goal. I believe his name is Zip. Fitting, really. MOTION PLUS. Finally it gets much of the support it needs. Looks to be pretty accurate, from what I've seen of gameplay videos.

(From like there's eight worlds with 3 stages each and a boss fight, and even an option for lefties, where the stages are mirrored and go from left to right instead. Thank god...I'm left-handed, by the way....but if I've managed to play Red Steel 2 with the 'sword' in my right hand, then I can manage this without any crutches. Very thoughtful of Artoon to include this, though.

My thoughts? Very 'Donkey Kong Jungle Beat' in terms of structure and graphics, but with an added dose of cute. I live off cute games, and I need this now. What do you think?
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