Monday, April 26, 2010


Written by pikaby

I'd never really thought much about the DSiWare, but this game? Makes me want to make use of it finally....How can you not love something so cute? Aw....

The game was announced in the middle of last year and was originally scheduled to be a DS retail game, released on Fall of 2009. Somehow it's switched to be a DSiWare game and delayed all the way to Aril 26th this year. Hey that' An adorable platforming game about saving as many dodo eggs as possible. Aren't they already extinct? Well, anything's possible in game land.

Here's the trailer. Remember, it was supposed to be a retail DS game before today. ARGH. But at least we can say DSiWare has at least one great game. Not to say the rest aren't though, there are a lot of overlooked good titles on the service.

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