Friday, April 30, 2010

Pokemon 13th movie merchandise!

Written by pikaby

As with every other movie release in Japan comes a shower of soft and cuddly merch. And there's always Pokemon plushies. Always. Even if it's the not-so-cuddly looking Zoroark. I remember the Manaphy plushie that came from the official line in Movie 9...I still have it with me, on my bed...enough of that.

Let's see, there's also a talking Zorua that can say ten different phrases, in line with its ability to use telepathy to communicate(why didn't they do this with Jirachi?). It's always a pain to change the batteries in these things, so I'll pass. Still way cuter than that Zoroark though.

And since Celebi is the poster boy for a movie (again) there's also a plush of him too. It's not just plush toys everyone gets when watching the movie- preordering tickets gets you a special movie Celebi that activates the final promo event tucked away in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver...
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