Sunday, April 25, 2010

Corsola Pre-evolution?

Written by pikaby

With 5th gen looming upon us, which new Pokemon pre-evolutions do you guys wanna see? Corsola is a favorite. It's kinda cute, which makes it perfect to expand on its evolution line. Three pictures from deviantART from three different people depicting how Corsola's pre-evo would look like. Full credits to them!

First one is shown above, on the far left. It's not given a name, but it's Corsola's pre-evolution form anyway. Made by user ~m514

This second one is called Corsweet, done by ~Seyanni. Perfectly adorable and looks like a coral polyp, and very professional looking too. If Ken Sugimori was behind the art for this, he's draw it exactly this way.

This last one doesn't allow linking(of course- who wants their art getting stolen?), but his Corsola pre-evo is also cute and could definitely fit in as a real Pokemon.
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