Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nintendo DSi first month sales!

Written by pikaby

So that's where it went. I'd been wondering how well it did for the past few days, and I just remembered I hadn't heard a thing about hardware sales figures for a while now. Just what the doctor ordered. So, how'd the DSi XL do in the wake of the 3DS announcement?

In its debut month in the US, the DSi XL moved 141, 000 units, which is less than a quarter of total DS sales this month which was at around 750,000 or something (check yesterday's sales blog for that).

Is that good? Ehhhh.....maybe. It doesn't set the world on fire, but at least it didn't bomb. Which is good considering it's just another reskin of the DSi and with the impending launch of 3DS. Lite and DSi sold way more on their first month on store shelves anyway, and nearly everyone and their moms own at least one or two DSes already, so there's not really much point left to the XL.

Gee, how did someone break down the DS sales figures to individual models? Maybe I'm missing something, but the info came from Gamasutra
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