Friday, April 23, 2010

Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda, coming to US

Written by pikaby

Destiny Guy brought this to light on Nintendo 5-Star just a few months ago, and now it looks like this clever 3D-space tilting game is making its way into the US.

This DSiWare game involves tilting your DSi around a 3D space to find hidden objects. What's so clever about the idea is that the DSi doesn't register tilting motions, but the game improvises by using the camera to register movements. It's a wonderful idea, and even more wonderful now that it's coming over to the US.

On Nintendo's official site, the game is renamed Looksley's Line Up. Sounds pretty British.

Looksley's Line Up (Nintendo DSiWare, May 17): In this unique take on hidden picture games, Looksley the rabbit needs your help to find inspiring objects so he can finish the story he's writing. The objects are hidden in 3-D dioramas made up of cutout layers that shift as you move the Nintendo DSi system. Unique Nintendo DSi camera-based controls let you peer deep into the game's scenes and hunt for hidden objects just by moving the Nintendo DSi.

May 17 for release. If you've got nothing on DSiWare, why not give this a try?
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