Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interesting Tomodachi Collection video

Written by pikaby

Something good I missed? Yeah, something good I missed. Yoshio Sakamoto showing off Tomodachi Collection at GDC and explaining why the game has been received so well in Japan. His copy is rife with crazy Nintendo execs. Iwata wearing a wrestling outfit? Reggie wearing a skirt?

Iwata: Reggie, you suck!
Reggie: Look who's talking!

Not something you'd hear every day. Oh! And Sakamoto getting rejected by Samus, and the whole bunch of other crazy, funny things Tomodachi Collection has been famous for. I know, since I own a copy too *wink* I have around 35 Miis to take care of. No Iwatas or Reggies though.

It's tough to localize even with its popularity. Maybe it's just too Japanese for everyone else to appreciate. I say give it a go. Who would pass up the chance at something as loopy as this?
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