Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ninokuni, Last Story and Xenoblade new scans!

Written by pikaby

Scans from GoNintendo, and they're looking sweet at the moment! Key of all being Ninokuni, which is what everyone would probably choose if they had a choice of the three games anyway. The new Ninokuni scans showcase a lot of new in-game screenshots that aren't cutscenes, some more new cutscenes(hey, it's a Ghibli game. Why else would the cutscenes be important?) and the world map, the titular 'Another World'. We already know about the doll, Shizuku, which was given to the boy, Oliver, by his mother who died early on. Shizuku is the fairy of tears, and comes to life if tears fall onto it(check the trailer).

See up there, on the last one? That's your world map. Just look at the lush environments.....I'd explore that. The world is divided into kingdoms each having their own king, mostly populated by anthropomorphic animals and other staple cartoon weirdos. Of course there are people too. There goes the excessive magic fantasy vibe.
That giant gluttony lady we've all seen before and she still creeps me out. Don't ask, I pretty much hate her looks from the first time I met her.

One thing's missing from these scans though.....no discussion on the combat system. There's the epic spellbook that Level 5 are giving away with the game to refer to your magic skills and nothing has been revealed on that system. But that's one of the main selling points of the game! Darn.

For the rest of the non-Ninokuni related scans, they're all at GoNintendo (which has changed to a lovely banner this time....okay, I'm in love with DodoGo)
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