Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, DSiWare!

Written by pikaby

Has it really been a year? DSiWare really gets the shaft, I don't hear much about it every now and then, except for the odd ArtStyle game and the most worthless apps Nintendo could ever devise for it. Why the hell would you want another clock for your DSi? I don't care if it has Mario on it, it doesn't do anything other clocks can't.

But it does have its moments, and while not as celebrated as most other events in gaming, it still promises to give some value for your Nintendo Points.

Here's the first anniversary video for DSiWare, right out of Nintendo Channel.

I looked through and realized how much I've missed....except Flipnote Studio, now that was pure gold. DSi Browser was meh. Dr. Mario Express and the Brain Age games? Nah, I can play those as real games, I don't need DSi to do it. ARTSTYLE: Pictobits was one of the greats I missed, as with the WarioWare game, Bird and Beans(Pyoro in the original WarioWare). Dark Void Zero is another good one that wasn't in this video.

A sneak peek too, at upcoming DSiWare games to hit the service soon....

Frogger Returns? Do we really...? Argh, this franchise never dies, does it. All those gimmicky attempts at shafting Frogger from retro 'crossing the road' play to 'adventure' game, wore me down after quite a few bland outings on PlayStation 1/2. And it shoehorns in touchscreen control when it isn't needed. I feel the buttons are more intuitive for this.

Earthworm Jim.....someone at Nintendo 5-Star is having seizures right now. The SNES version ported all the way down here, untouched? Do want.

Metal Torrent is a bullet-hell shooter, and you can't go wrong with those. If at around 500 Points it could give you a good kick.

Surviving High School...bleh, just hearing the name makes me feel faint, SEEING it though(on the video). Skip it. This is Japanese high school teenage love dramas, but Westernized and in English. Don't we get enough of this from TV shows and um....real life? (by the way I survived high school already, don't feel like doing it again here)

X-Scape is a trippy looking 'dodge the obstacles' game-cum-shooter, with rough, basic polygons for graphics that don't tax the DS' internal memory banks and yet still stand out as stylish. Want.

Rounding them out is Photo Dojo, which I actually talked about quite a few weeks back. A steal at 200 points for a few laughs, and probably fun with friends. And a few crates of beer.

Happy Birthday DSiWare! May you finally be noticed by gamers this year! Just look at some of those quality titles.
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