Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pokemon 5th Gen: What we Know,Expect and Want to See

Written by pikaby

The world goes into seizures every time a new Pokemon is announced. True, isn't it? It's probably the only series where people can geek out over the revealing of even the tiniest detail about the game, yep, even if it's just a single creature. Zoroark is proof enough(the wolf-like Pokemon starring in the latest Pokemon movie). You know how many pieces of Zoroark fanart came out on deviantart.com during the first few hours following the reveal? Don't ask me to count them.
Nevertheless, knowing how little the Pokemon series has changed over the years(and yet so much), there's bound to be a certain pattern in which information appears. From past experiences, I guess I know when not to be surprised by something.

What we already know from 5th gen:
  • New region. (well, no duh)
  • Zorua and Zoroark, two new Pokemon destined for Gen 5, in the same semi-legendary status as Lucario
  • Even more 3D looking than any other DS Pokemon game. The camera angle has been further lowered.
  • Pokemon Centers and Marts get fused, and given a new look.
  • Battle screen is somewhat different
  • It's going to the DS. No, not that new 3D thing.
  • It's going to be awesome (that's what everyone says)
What we expect (pay attention here!):
  •  New Lightning-type mascot with two pouches to store electricity, and is cute (Pikachu, Pichu, Plusle/Minun, Pachirisu, ???)
  • New Normal-type and Flying-type on the first route of the game. Each will have at least one stage of evolution. (Pidgey, Rattata, Zigzagoon, etc.)
  • New Bug type with at least one evolution on the 2nd and 3rd routes of the game.
  • New 'powerful' Pokemon line near the end of the Pokedex with 2 stages of evolution, the last being at Level 50. (Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross, Garchomp, ??? )
  • Token legendaries will fight each other. Happens nearly every time.
  • Starters will be Grass, Fire and Water type (dies of obviousness)
  • You start out as a Pokemon Trainer waiting to conquer the world.....er....become the greatest Pokemon Master in ever.
  • Grid-based movement, like everything before it.
  • A Pokemon professor named after some species of tree. (Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan are all trees)
  • You get your first Pokeballs through him or his assistant
  • Someone gives you a free Potion some way or other
  • A Poke(inserts gadget name here) for telling the time and other pointless apps. Wait, apps? iPokemon, anyone? 
  • Your Rival always chooses the starter that has a type advantage over you
  • An evil team wanting to take control of the world, and as usual, only you can stop them by means of Pokemon Battle
  • HM Fly
  • More boxes, unlimited item space, 6 on your team, 2-on-2 battles....the works.
  • 8 Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. 75% probability the first one is Rock type.
What we want to see (Nintendo 5 Star's 5th Gen wishlist~!):
  • Get rid of the grid-based movement. If not possible, even an 8-way movement scheme like Pokemon Ranger and Zelda: Link to the Past would be nice.
  • The 3D thing must be utilized fully, not a gimmick seen in one or two locations. This is the last DS Pokemon game, the graphics engine absolutely must reach its full potential this time.
  • More exploration based, a larger world with lots of routes and towns to travel, not just the ones that contain Pokemon Gyms or further the story.
  • Vs. Seeker. PokeGear rematches are cumbersome, fun as they may be in terms of different days for battling different Trainers.
  • More DLC for Pokemon and a more fleshed out online system. 
  • Random Wi-fi battles like in Pokemon Battle Revolution. Ditch the Friend Code system in favor of something like what Monster Hunter Tri is doing. (and every other game on PS3 and X360)
  • A Pokethlon-like minigames set. Because they're awesome like that. Revert to Pokemon Contests and I'll bring a mob to Nintendo.
  • Bring back ocean-diving from Ruby/Sapphire. One of the few good things that didn't make it to Gen 4.
  • Day/Night events, and more of them like in Johto.
  • Less number of annoying caves that require a huge number of HM-using Pokemon to get through.
  • An easier way to finish training Pokemon on the last leg to Level 100. As it is now you still need a whole lot of patience to be able to reach the highest level. Gym Leaders, Rival and the Elite Four should have Lv80+ Pokemon, and have at least sub-competent movesets. In-game challenge should exist, even after you've beaten the game.
  • The same goes for bystanding Trainers who can rematch against you.
See anything missing? Got your own wishlist on what the 5th gen should be like to make it even more complete than all the previous incarnations? Share your thoughts!

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  1. I only have one thing to add to that wish list! okay, well maybe more...
    1. Dig and Flash as HMs again so i don't have to keep wasting my money of them - even a whole new set of HMs, i don't care, just don't waste my money!
    2. It would be nice if the wifi events to be released in Australia a little sooner... or like, released at the same time world wide... is it really that hard?
    3. Be able to put the map or radio on constant display on the touch screen - gets really annoying to keep having to go back to it.
    xD i just realised that was mainly complaining, but, really, would be helpful.

    ~ Ani_luff