Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you, DSi Camera!

Written by pikaby

I'm a bit late telling everyone about this, but I was away on April 10 and 11 on a small trip to Pangkor Island, that's a resort somewhere off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
Snorkeling and riding speedboats were fun, but being on the beach was the best part of it. I was carrying my DSi around that time (ignoring the potential danger of it breaking due to exposure to sand and sea water.....alright, nothing happened to it, so...relief!).

And I took this picture after I put my footprint down in the sand, for memory's sake.

Yeah, see who that is? Pokemon fans should know the answer. My most favorite Pokemon, drawn on sand (of course, that was my doing). A Water-type too, and it's supposed to live in the sea, giving added effect. Picture taken during sunset.

Looks like the crappy DSi Camera isn't as useless as I made it out to be.
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