Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 Crazy Wii Accessories

Written by pikaby

Image by Destructoid.

Or, how to dress up your Wii to make it look like it just came back from a mad costume party with nothing more than accessories that serve only to make it look weird and funny and hinder its movements. And it'll make you look cool while playing it. Maybe.

1. Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder

It might not mean much if your TV is the HD kind with a flat screen- this would have been perfect sitting right on top of it holding your Wii Sensor Bar. Doesn't serve much purpose beyond looking good, but man is it ever a cool piece of kit to own. And it's licensed too, by both Nintendo and Lucasfilm, so this accessory is official stuff. Now to wait for a Luke Skywalker bar holder. Maybe when they meet the two will come alive and do battle with your sensor bars. Alright, that's enough nonsense out of me.

2. Wiimote Football Accessory

Yeeeeaaaahhhh....placing the Wiimote inside a gianormous football would definitely make it easier to control. I honestly have no idea how this setup can be used to play a Madden game (it's not like you could kick this thing around and not break something), but it exists anyway, and it even has a housing for the Wii Motion Plus if you have one.

3. Wiimote Bowling Ball Accessory 

Let's hear it for more Wiiballs! By the same company who made that mad-looking Wiimote football controller, CTA Digital, this second unwieldy-looking ball controller lets you mimic the action of being able to throw a real-life bowling ball in your living room. Except, real bowling balls weigh ten times heavier than whatever CTA Digital could come out with, and you could actually do some real damage with it. I don't think ANYONE's fingers would ever be able to reach for the B Button on the bottom when using this in Wii Sports. Not even if you have elastic fingers.

4. Wii Dart Controller 

What is it with people and putting the Wiimote in things to make you feel like you're playing the real thing of some sport? This giant dart houses your Wiimote and would probably stick to your TV if you threw the thing at it. Probably. From semi-dubious Wii accessory producer Pega. Which is not to be confused with that other games studio. You know, the one who made that cocky blue hedgehog.

5. WiiHelm 

Two words. HOLY CRAP. Instead of using your hands to play, ThinkGeek has come up with the most clever idea to free up your tired , Wii-tendonitis afflicted joints and paste the Wiimote on top of your HEAD to be used to play games...What about buttons? Ah, this package comes with footpedals, see, so you step on buttons with your foot. It's the equivalent of playing Dance Dance Revolution while your head is swinging round and round like you were on crack. Lawsuits filed for stiff necks ahoy.

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