Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is this the 3DS?

Written by pikaby

Remember all those fake DSes that were hovering around the Net months before the actual prototype was revealed? Now it seems the 3DS is getting the same, but I'll be damned if this doesn't look professional. It even looks authentic.

WHAT? It doesn't even have two screens? How can this be anything like a DS? Easy there. The screen up top there can spin on its side and be held upright. The screen is divided into two to play original DS games.

See? Just like that...but there's a problem here. The two screens are still connected to each other no matter how you see it, so your stylus will inadvertently shift to the 'top screen' from time to time. And it looks unwieldy, the giant screen stacked on top of the buttons would make for quite a heavy top part especially when playing DS games.

Notice also the lack of a camera...there wasn't any camera in the shots of this machine. And another contradiction is again, the screens. It may be divided into two for backwards compatibility, but what about the new wave of 3DS exclusive games? Aren't they supposed to be played on two screens too? And this design negates any appearance of 3D technology, though I can't say I know anything about the lens trick Nintendo wants to use.

The verdict? Fake. But a pretty good one at that.
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