Monday, April 5, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - Love thy DSi

Written by pikaby

I think I'll make this a regular feature in the blog. Which flipnote am I featuring today? Note: This one's extra special if you own a DSi. Which you probably already do if you're reading this and have any idea what Flipnote Studio is.

This is the flipnote I'll be featuring today. If you haven't thought much about your shiny new DSi, you probably will after watching this flipnote. The relationship of the character, 'Ugomaru' (a Flipnote Hatena-made character, think of it as a mascot) and his DSi...It's almost like the DSi has feelings of its own. If only our DSis could talk when this flipnote is being played on it, think of what it would have to say....Very touching moment, and Ugomaru is adorable.

It even has a custom song made for it. The title is 'Boku wa DS, Kimi wa Ningen' (I'm a DS, you're a human). The last lines of the song is the DS separating from the human, like two lovers who were never meant to be. If you think it's crazy to love a DSi, you should probably ask those who've owned the thing for 5 years and loving it. DS lovers, be proud of your handheld gaming consoles! It's not mentioned who made the song, although it's obvious it was crafted specially for this flipnote. All it says at the end is 'Lyrics and song by : DS' Right. The song is done in a first-person manner, with the DS singing. I'm not kidding. You don't see that done with the PSP more often.

Update: Now that I listen to it a few more times, the song doesn't sound like a human voice singing it, it sounds more like it was synthesized from somewhere. The voice bears a very striking resemblance to the Mii voices from Tomodachi Collection, a Mii-raising simulator on the DS for Japan only. Maybe this is what the creator meant by 'Lyrics and song made by DS'.

Imported by Croudo to the US region, more popularly known as Daas. Didn't get many stars though, last I checked. The original Japanese flipnote has over 50,000 stars and has 6 green, 2 red and 3 blue stars. That's a very high achievement already.

Command for DSi users: X left X up A L X B Y Y

I'll post the lyrics too. FULL CREDITS to the original maker, カレーおうじ!

人間の となりをね
電源 切れれば
世界は 広いのに
ボクは 小さすぎて
キミと ボクは 違う
ここで お別れなんだ

I'll translate it to the best of my powers over a few days, but I may enlist help...Think you can help me?
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