Friday, April 9, 2010

Pokemon director updates blog with Pokemon White/Black + My thoughts on 5th gen

Written by pikaby

The original Japanese blog can be found here, on Game Freak's website. It's Junichi Masuda's blog, by the way. I do know a bit of Japanese so I -think- I can figure out what he's saying. No juicy insider info on this one- it's just the basic announcement of Pokemon 5th gen, that's all.

Here's my broad, rough translation of the blog post:

9th of April, 2010.

We are ready to announce our latest, all-new titles!

Pocket Monsters Black
Pocket Monsters White

We have spent quite a bit of time to increase the quality of this product

We hope you will enjoy these two Pokemon games even more as they are released, and we hope to satisfy those who have played Pokemon before and those who haven't. This time, we think Pokemon has graduated (WTF? Okay, I can't do that last line properly)

We want more people to have fun with Pokemon, and that's what keeps us making them.

These two games mark a new era in Pokemon games.

Wait just a while longer for them.


See? Nothing all that interesting, except this time it comes from the horse's mouth itself. So Black/White is not a hoax, nor a late April Fools joke, and there's no chance it'll be anyway. A return to colored versions? I'm hyped. Personally though I don't think they've exhausted the gemstone and precious metal names just yet, but maybe it gets old after a while. It's probably nice to return to basic colors, or as people put it 'returning to roots'. Gosh that's what EVERY game developer is doing these days. Hopefully Pokemon keeps all those nifty little features and minigames. I heart the Pokethlon.

It may just be more of the same, but having new Pokemon to see and catch, new Pokemon attacks, and a whole new region to trek around in, and probably -fingers crossed- new gameplay elements and mechanics, these are the things that keep Pokemon fans going. And the sales numbers for Pokemon keep rising....

Worried that releasing this right before the 3DS is too much of a risk? Well, why not, the 3DS is backwards compatible to the DS after all, so nothing's affected and everyone's happy. Remember a successful console keeps on going long after it's been replaced by something newer, i.e. PlayStation 2. And the DS is already the handheld equivalent of it, so again, why not?

It would have been nice to see how the 3DS' improved graphics and performance would handle Pokemon, but we can wait. Ruby/Sapphire remakes for the 3DS = want.

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