Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver- Pokeathlon Dome 2

Written by pikaby

Last time I've only covered what the Pokeathlon Dome and the surrounding area looks like. This time I'll go into detail on the rooms in the basement which you visit.

Here's the video:(read more for description!)

The first room marks down the highest records of the total score you've gotten in the five categories, Speed, Power, Technique, Stamina and Jump, which tallies up the scores from the three events in each one plus your bonus points. Use smaller, weaker Pokemon for higher bonus points, and perform the best you can to get points for end game awards like most tackles, most dashes, most jumps and so on. Trophies in this room(two for each category) involves breaking a certain record for each one.

The second room is the records of the medals obtained by each Pokemon species. Yes, the medals your Pokemon get aren't exclusive to itself, Say you have two Marills and they both win medals in the Speed course. It'll still be counted as only one medal in this room. If a Pokemon has won in all 5 events it is considered a Medalist Pokemon. Trophies in this room(10 in all) is gotten by getting a certain number of Medalist Pokemon. But it's quite hard- the fourth trophy needs 25 Medalist Pokemon, and I can't even get to that yet, so imagine how many I would need to get the later ones! Crazy.

The third room records the high scores you get for each individual event, and trophies in this room require you to break the high scores for each event. And some of them are really, not easy to achieve.

The last room is the winners' room, with a gold statue of you and statues of whichever three Pokemon you won with in your previous Pokeathlon attempt. This room compiles the high scores of all the events and categories you've participated in and adds the total number of medals you've won to give you a final score. To get the ten trophies in this room you have to increase this final score to a certain number (me, 4200 points for the 9th trophy, and it's getting tough to achieve). This room records all the trophies you've won(10 for each room, 40 in all including this one) and gives you a rank for it. For now, I have 29, and my rank is 'Unbeatable Pokeathlete'. God damn it, I've got a long way to go before I can live up to that name...the brick breaking game destroys me every time.


  1. It would seriously help you in the brick breaking game if you worked up your elbow's fast-twitch muscle fibers (the small helping muscles that help quicly redirect your limbs in a different direction. ex: when your leg gets restless and you find yourself twitching your foot and leg up and down repeatedly and quickly) I myself along with another of my friends are lucky enough to have grown up using these muscles often. Of the two of us, only I play these Pokemon games. My top score for the brick breaking challenge is 162. Advice would be the previous and also switch every one or two times the bricks reload, and also make sure you always hit the bricks. hitting anything else will dramatically reduce your pokemons stamina and seriously hindering your preformance. And if you're wondering how quick is quick, then I smash a set of bricks within 3/4 of a second. You can strengthen your ft muscles by stretching out the joint where you want them to grow every day, but not too far.

  2. sorry, i had to check again and my top record was 152 pieces smashed. i think anything over 160 is literally impossible :/ If anyone knows someone who got past my top score without cheating, i would like to know... I'll post it up here if i get anything higher.

  3. and for anyone who feels like breaking some records...these are all my top scores for the moment as i have still not completed the last two challenges in the third room and i have recently discovered some ways to make those impossible looking challenges beatable. (also another thing that could help with the brick smash is using two fingers alternately of each other at the same time) i dont use this technique since my twitch speed excels above even this
    Hurdle Dash - 78.1 Sec
    Pennant Capture - 41 Flags
    Circle Push - 52 Points
    Block Smash - 152 Pieces
    Disc Catch - 43 Points
    Lamp Jump - 457 Points
    Relay Run - 17.3 Laps
    Ring Drop - 165 Points
    Snow Throw - 42 Hits (Had 46 Hits, but I got that score at the same time I got my top in Goal Roll in the Skill Event)
    Goal Roll - 7 Points (Had 15 Points once after I learned how to easily beat that challenge, but I turned it off accidentally without saving)
    Another thing...I have never ever used those juice things to power up your pokemon or whatever. That seems kind of stupid to me since i love natural challenges and I can beat every challenge with ease most of the time

  4. Recently got a score of 100 on snow throw

  5. i got 198 with my dialga, groudon, and venusaur on block smash

  6. Hurdle Dash - 79.6 Sec
    Pennant Capture - 43 Flags (for the life of me I can't beat this!!!)
    Circle Push - 63 Points
    Block Smash - 131 Pieces
    Disc Catch - 78 Points
    Lamp Jump - 527 Points
    Relay Run - 17.5 Laps
    Ring Drop - 176 Points
    Snow Throw - 58 Hits
    Goal Roll - 9 Points
    9/10 Collective Trophies
    3/10 Trust Trophies
    9/10 Potential Trophies
    7/10 Friendship Trophies

  7. I only remember some of my records:
    Pennant Capture - 46 Flags
    Circle Push - 66 Points
    Disc Catch - 142 Points
    Relay Run - 18.9 Laps
    Snow Throw - 122 Hits
    Goal Roll - 19 Points

  8. My current records:
    Hurdle Dash - 80.8 Sec
    Pennant Capture - 42 Flags
    Circle Push - 52 Points
    Block Smash - 143 Pieces
    Disc Catch - 80 Points
    Lamp Jump - 541 Points
    Relay Run - 18.6 Laps
    Ring Drop - 193 Points
    Snow Throw - 56 Hits
    Goal Roll - 12 Points

    I would appreciate advice on how to reach the scores for potential trophies in hurdle dash, pennant capture, and circle push. I've already tried doing the pennant capture on the skill course instead of speed, using smaller sized pokemon in circle push, and using more than one stylus in hurdle dash. I just can't seem to do it.

    It seems unfair to ask for tips without providing at least one of my own. For ring drop use large pokemon like Rayquaza and Groudon who take up more space. Stay in the middle and bump over and over again. Don't worry about getting tired. Just go until your pokemon gets knocked off.