Monday, April 5, 2010

The relationship between Mario & Pokemon

Written by pikaby

Bored, so here's a short one from me. Kirby may be the closest relative to Pokemon in terms of character design and overall cutesy-ness, but Mario wins when it comes to sharing DNA with Pokemon. It's like the relationship between us and the hairy apes in the jungle.

1. Girafarig

A Giraffe Pokemon from the 2nd gen. Has two brains on both sides of its body, meaning its tail can think by itself too. Wonder what happens if the two ever got in an argument....Pokedex entries say the tail can bite anything that comes its way. It looks like a Chain Chomp, is tethered to something like a Chain Chomp, and acts like a Chain Chomp. SIMILARITY GET.

2. Probopass

Newly evolved from Nosepass in the 4th Gen. You don't need me to tell you how obvious this is....look at the dude's bushy 'stache and big nose. If they really wanted to make a unique Pokemon that has no reference to Mario they could've done it without the facial hair. This is most likely intentional. Although if you want to argue that Mario's mustache is of a different shape, go right ahead.

And most recently...

3. Golem

Caught the recent Mario Galaxy 2 trailer and update? It's not just on Nintendo 5-Star, it's everywhere. The new power Mario has, Rock Mario looks incredibly similar to Golem. Not like they have many other design decisions either, so lol.

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