Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trauma Center Boss Legacy: Triti GUILT

Written by pikaby

Yeah, it's highly contagious, and highly misunderstood too. One of the most infamous virus bosses in Trauma Center history.....may well turn out to be one of the easiest, if you know how. One for the Trauma Center fans, and people who have been frustrated by it. I present the truth behind this virus!

First off, let's get a refresher shall we? What is Triti GUILT? It's the one that looks like triangles with thorns poking out of them. To destroy it, you had to pull out the thorns on each side of a triangle, and then cut it out with the scalpel, then take it out with the forceps. The problem most people dread when facing Triti is the fact that it multiplies itself as you operate. New sets of membranes,each with their own fast, oh my gosh, they multiplied again! Work faster, and they multiply faster! ARGH! This is hell!

This is all because people are rushing into things, because of Trauma Center's emphasis on completing within the time limit. A popular misunderstanding about Triti leaves players in a quandary. Now, let's debunk the biggest myth about the Triti strain....

Triti does NOT multiply by itself over a set period of time.

Even the official Trauma Center wiki page got it All. Wrong. It only regenerates when two thorns are next to each other when one piece of membrane is pulled out. So that, in practice, means that you pull out several membranes, Triti will multiply several times over, which is BAD. In other words, the faster you attempt to go, the faster Triti will destroy you. Calm down, for chrissakes. No one can seem to understand that even after so many explanations by Nurse Angie, your assistant. I guess some people who play aren't very good at puzzles.

Here's my (simple) picture guide on how to beat Triti, using a simple example.

Four membranes. The blue lines represent the thorns. If it looks like a backwards Triforce, well., excuuuuuuuse me.

Start off by trying to remove a membrane. Remove the three thorns as shown...and scalpel it out. Now here's where most players fall for Triti's trap...

DO NOT remove the membrane just yet! You're missing something! If you continue...

....Okay, notice the thorns are next to each other? On the vertices of the triangles?

Because this is what will happen if the thorns are next to each other. They multiply in that direction, if there isn't already a membrane there. This is what you should do to prevent it from multiplying....
Take away this middle thorn. Doing that, you'll notice that no two thorns are adjacent to each other, and there will be no chance for Triti to recover. After you remove the thorn as circled here, then you can go ahead and pluck out the cut out piece of triangle.

I can hear your brain going 'ah-ha' right now. But you still shouldn't waste much time, think fast on which thorns you should remove, and do it, because the thorns recover over time(the THORNS, dude, not the triangle pieces). It's a case of strategy. Now go beat Triti. I sure kicked this little bugger's butt in Hard mode. Beat its operation in 55 seconds. My proudest achievement ever.
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