Sunday, April 4, 2010

Two bullets aimed at the Wii

Written by pikaby

Wii has come under fire recently by both Microsoft and Sony, both trying to promote their new motion controllers aggressively and each saying theirs is the best experience. And who got the worst of it? The Wii of course, which is technically Natal and PS Move's pioneer.

But rarely do cannonballs fired at the Wii come from both companies, almost exactly the same time. Now both Microsoft and Sony are saying that people will appreciate their motion controllers more than the Wii.

Xbox director Aaron Greenberg claims that third party developers struggle to create games on the Wii. Yeah, to some extent, they do. But think again. What sort of 3rd party developers are attracted to a money-spinner like the Wii? Lazy bums who think they can tack on motion control to any game and make big bucks (I'm looking at you, Data Design Interactive). And the sad thing is shoddy minigame compilations and shovelware sell instead of carefully crafted titles like Okami and de Blob, due to the Wii's expanded casual audience. If people would just put in more effort for Wii games.

Sony on the other hands claim themselves to be psychic. Okay, maybe not, but they see through the minds of hardcore gamers and know that they hate motion control. But PS Move will turn those heads around and make motion control 'cool' for every gamer. Not an ideal scenario given the number of negative comments I see for the Move on every online article it's on(there are positive ones, but not nearly as many as those who are against it)We'll see how PS Move turns out, because this interests me vaguely more than Natal.

E3 2010 is going to be an interesting battleground.
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