Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Capcom confirms more Wii/DS projects

Written by pikaby

Source from GoNintendo

Christian Svensson of Capcom confirmed on the official Capcom forums that Capcom still have some Wii/DS titles up its sleeve, some of which haven't been announced yet. Also mentioned was that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was supposed to hit the Wii for a remake, but it didn't make the cut because of licensing.

"We do have more Wii and DS titles in development that are not yet announced. Stay tuned. 
We don't have Wii rights from Marvel but all the same I had toyed with that idea. Unfortunately, the economics don't work. We'd have to sell it at a significantly higher price at retail on Wii. Break even on the expected costs and lower margins are higher than the volume I'd reasonably expect to sell."

Glad to see Capcom hasn't abandoned ship just yet. After all, they still have to release Okamiden on the DS before calling it a day. As for the unnannounced projects? Nintendo vs. Capcom, anyone?

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