Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nintendo 5-Star forum newsletter

Written by pikaby

I may or may not make this a regular feature, but of course, if something interesting happens on the other side of Nintendo 5-Star, I'll have to feature it here too. It's only proper....right?

Mario Galaxy with no hub world? - Debating the wisdom behind breaking tradition and removing the hub world from 3D Mario games

Favorite Pikmin? - A poll! Which is your favorite color of Pikmin? It's still open for voting, and of course you get to tell everyone why you voted.

Video games cause tooth decay - WHAT. Of all the detrimental things videogames do to your health, why your teeth?

Next console generation the last? - Come on, debunk Tim Merel's theory about the 2nd gaming apocalypse! Surely there's going to be more to come.

Best game boss? - For all the hard times bosses in games put you through...let them all out here.
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