Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Squishy Tank for DS released today

Written by pikaby

Cute! (first impression, amirite?) Now you're thinking about what the hell this is....don't even start with me. It's a mostly Japanese thing. Read on for the details.

Squishy Tank started out as 'Yawaraka Sensha' in Japan, a series of Flash animation videos that had its own theme song and featured a fleet of tanks with cute baby faces and instead of being tough and brutal like most tanks are, they're the exact opposite- soft and squishy. The Flash videos became so popular that it's pretty much a part of Japanese pop culture now, much like Ronald McDonald.

This is the first video and the theme song of the series.

And then immortalized in gaming as a super-hard challenge on Taiko no Tatsujin.(you should watch, even if you don't play rhythm games, you can tell this is crazy hard!)

This DS game? A simple-looking puzzler.

It was released a year ago in Japan, really, I didn't think it would make it into the US at all...From what I heard the game features the same brand of humor as in the Squishy Tank videos. Humor? Oh, right....I didn't get the jokes...the god damn tanks talk so fast even a native speaker would have a hard time listening. Maybe now I'll be able to appreciate them.....will get the game as soon as I can for a run.
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