Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Day Flipnote

Written by pikaby

Flipnote Hatena plays host to tons of crazy flipnotes. 90 flipnotes out of 100 will be spin offs, star beggars, people who hide their voices by speeding it up a la Fred(Youtube) or Justin Bieber. But sometimes the odd exceptional Flipnote will pop up...

Flipnote Hatena has channels for both Easter Day and April Fools Day, and one flipnote stood out at me.

This Easter flipnote was so adorable(both the moving pictures and the music) I nearly swooned. It's about the Easter bunny receiving an egg and being told to use its contents wisely. Inside were 'colored stars', the things that all Flipnote Hatena users jostle for by either making a great flipnote or begging for them, either red or blue or purple. The charitable bunny gives the stars to the needy DSi users, and all is well in the world. Happy Easter to all Flipnote Hatena users(it's nearly April 2 in Malaysia).

As luck would have it, this flipnote has already gotten a red star of its own.

For DSi users, the command for this is R A R L B down up right A Y

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  1. Wow...just came across this years later. This was mine!